Finally I am getting sick of my old wordpress installation. Fortunately, there is a plugin to migrate all old blod posts into a ghost blog, yay! That’s what I am going to do now! I will migrate all my Blog Posts into ghost and try to set up a new design and finally blog a litle bid more.

All the old stuff is in german. But in the future I will blog everything in english, why not?

To do this I found the following plugin So far, this is working fine, except for the images. They will get copied as HTML into the document. But I don’t have that many old posts. I will just re-upload my images into the ghost blog and everything will be fine! There was a solution described which involved using a cloud based image hosting service, but I don’t need this and therefore didn’t like this solution.

Comments will get cleared as well and I will migrate to Disqus in the future since it is the best standard for comments everywhere.